Established 1903 in Oulu, Wisconsin

To get physically stronger you need to exercise your muscles. You might do it at the gym or while getting something done. The same goes for your mind, the more you learn the easier it is to learn more. It’s how God has made us.
Faith works that way, too.
Faith is about trusting God above everything else. As you get to know God better, as you follow God’s call to do something new or challenging or beyond your current ability and discover how God helps you through it, trusting gets easier.
Chase Reijo has been exercising his faith the past three years as he has gotten to know Jesus better, learned to trust the Spirit, and served the Lord in public ways. We were glad to welcome him as he confirmed his faith in God on October 25. 
Talitha Lintula was led by God to serve as a missionary in Madagacar for two and a half years. She will be here on Sunday November 15 at 9:00 a.m. to share how her faith was stretched and how she experienced God’s presence along the way.
What is God calling you to try or change? Who is God calling you to reach out to?

If you listen deeply in prayer, the Holy Spirit will reveal something. May God help you respond to his call to learn and serve so you, too, grow in faith.